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WeDeal : Your vending partner in the Centre-Val de Loire region

WeDeal : Specialist in the design of automated systems Centre-Val de Loire

With more than three decades ofexperience in the management and storage of gas cylinders, WeDeal maintains its position at the forefront of innovation by continually adjusting its methods to keep pace with changing consumer habits. Our expertise also allows us to expand our range of self-service products and explore new technologies.

Strength & Experience

Firmly established in the vending sector, WeDeal is a pioneer in the design of automatic gas cylinder dispensers.

Our skills also enable us to carry out a range of specific projects to diversify the range of self-service products available to our customers and partners.

As a family business, we have constantly adjusted our processes and range to meet the specific needs of each entity.

All our products are designed and assembled by our teams in our workshops in the South of France, at Mollégès (13).

At present, we have deployed over 1,000 devices in France and have an international presence.

In the quest for the most comprehensive service, our range is continually adapted to changing needs and technologies.

Today, our offer enables us to deploy two types of vending machine, which are fully modular and adaptable.

Distribution automatique Centre-Val de Loire

Quality customer service 

We offer customised solutions tailored to each business modelwith a particular focus on quality and safety. finish of our appliances. Backed by our sectoral expertiseWe prefer to use appropriate technologies.

We’Gaz 2

Products and services


With We'Gaz 2We make self-service energy available to you 24/7. You don't have to wait: your bottle of gas is ready when you need it. Our systems are self-sufficient, solar-powered and wireless, giving you a practical, environmentally-friendly solution.


We'Box allows you to expand the capacity of your point of sale and diversify your self-service offering. By combining several products, you can attract new customers and expand your sales portfolio.

Quality approach

As a major player in the vending market, WeDeal has launched the "We'Gaz" range, a solution that has proved its worth with over 1,000 installations in France and Europe.

The changes brought about by the pandemic have led to transformations in the market and among its stakeholders, creating opportunities for growth, a revitalisation of the offer and an increase in the need for innovative solutions.

In line with our corporate strategy and values, we are developing an integrated Quality-Safety-Health-Environment model that complies with ISO 9001 standards.

Join the WeDeal Centre-Val de Loire adventure

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